Beyond Organic

Prairie Creek Farms is not Certified Organic. Unfortunately, the food industry has taken the word “Organic” and perverted to the point that it is almost meaningless. Any animal can be raised in dense confinement, on manure-covered concrete, and still be labeled as “organic”. The consumer is typically oblivious to the truth behind the USDA Organic sticker and equates it to healthier food. We, like many other regenerative farms, like to say we are “Beyond Organic”. Yes, we feed organic feed to our animals, but it goes far beyond that. All of our animals are outside, in the sunshine, their entire lives. They are never on concrete or confined in tight spaces. They have the freedom to roam as they see fit, and do whatever they want to do. The pigs spend their days roaming the woods in search of acorns. The cows are playing in the pond and mowing the pasture. The chickens are scooping up bugs as they trot through the grasses. This is beyond organic, and we like it.