Bundles & Specials

Prairie Creek Farms SpecialsHere you will find bundles put together by us for at least a 10% discount and much more. Need a sampler bundle or want to try all of our sausages? Get one for yourself and one for a friend! Check back regularly for new items and great savings.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! Smoked & Cured Ham8 lbs

Prairie Creek Farms Berkshire Whole Ham. Hams weigh 6-10lbs are are $8/lb. Payments will be adjusted and processed according to actual weight prior to delivery.  Frozen, Smoked and Cured.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! Honey Glazed Hams (Deposit)

Prairie Creek Farms Honey Glazed Ham. Glazed with Roark Acres Local Honey, and the loving hands of Joel Bein of the RUB Truck. Hams weigh 6-10lbs are are $10/lb. Remaining balance after deposit will be invoiced via email. Invoices must be paid prior to delivery. Hams will be delivered December 16th-20th.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!! Pasture Raised Whole Turkey

Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Turkey from Prairie Creek Farms. All turkeys in stock are 18lb to 21lb and are priced at a flat rate (not by the pound). Limited stock!

$110.00 $85.00