Breast – Boneless


$14/pound. 1.3/lb package average. 2 breasts per package.

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Boneless and Skinless Chicken Breast

Everything we do on the farm is centered on the pasture. It is the basis of life and the tool by which we grow the best food for our community. At Prairie Creek Farms, our chickens spend their lives on the pasture. They are sheltered in mobile “chicken tractors” and get moved to new grass every single day. Not only does this allow them to get their vegetation, but it keeps their home nice and clean. In addition to fresh pasture, they are fed an NON-GMO feed mix milled here in Oklahoma. This awesome food combination means…the chicken’s poop. A lot. Our management system allows us to turn that into a value-added fertilization program for our grass while giving the chickens a nice clean bed of grass every day.

The result?  Nutrient dense, humanely raised, sun-shiny, Pastured Chicken.  Because our chickens have constant access to fresh pasture and get plenty of exercise and sunshine, their profiles of omega-3s, vitamin E, and vitamin A are all measurably higher than birds raised without access to pasture.  Grass contains a litany of macro and micro-nutrients. When an animal eats those components, they’re subsequently present in their foods.

Our chickens are NEVER given any shots, chemical wormers, antibiotics, steroids, or anything else made in a lab.

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