Grass Fed Beef

Prairie Creek Farms BeefWe raise 100% Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef. Cows are herbivores (unlike their farm buddies; pigs and chickens), and herbivores eat plants. Sounds pretty obvious, right?

The beef industry has shifted away from this historically normal rule and decided that it is more economical to fatten a cow on grains, silage, chicken parts, potato chip scraps, what have you. This gives the cattle indigestion, inflammation, and a host of other problems. Solution? Antibiotics and other pharmaceutical intervention to ensure this industry keeps chugging along.

To be fair, it does take almost twice as long to get a cow to “finishing” with only grass, but that’s the way we like them. Our beef is never given hormones, chemical wormers, or preventative antibiotics. On rare occasion, we will administer an antibiotic to save a life, and will hold the animal 3x the recommended time before slaughter.

Ground Beef1 lbs

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