Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs

At Prairie Creek Farms, our chickens are farm staff. They are out working on the pasture all day, and jump in and out of the “Banana Stand” (a mobile coop on a wagon frame) to drop an egg every day, and get right back to work. They have two jobs:  (1) Scratch through all the cow patties they can find, spread them out, and eat up fly larva and other bugs to keep our pasture sanitary. (2) Drop fertilizer around to ensure the cows have plenty to eat when the grass grows back in. They are rewarded with NON-GMO feed, some scratch grain, and all the sunshine they want. The best part? The Perfect Pastured Egg.

Pastured eggs aren’t a marketing gimmick or a health food fad. They are actually better. A lot better.  Firstly, they taste better. Like, so good you’ll never want to eat an egg that doesn’t have a beautiful bright orange yolk again. But the taste isn’t everything. Numerous studies have been done comparing pastured eggs to factory eggs and we can summarize the results for you here:

Pastured eggs have 5 times more vitamin D, 2 times the vitamin A, 2 times the omega-3 fatty acids, 3 times more vitamin E, and 7 times more beta-carotene.

Here are a few links to studies that have been done by neutral parties.

Eggs by the Dozen$6.00