October 20, 2017

Prairie Creek Farms is a proud producer of one of the best heritage breed of pigs called the Berkshire. The history of the Berkshire pig goes back over 300 years in England and was a highly regarded cut of meat that juicy, tender and has a true pork flavor because of its heavily marbled fat. The Berkshire marbling would compare to the Wagyu to beef, and it’s all because the fat provides the flavor. In commercial farming and the pork you get from a majority of retailers, you will find pork that has little to no fat. This is because they have bred the fat out of the commercial pig production over the decades, and as a result, lost a majority of the true flavor.

Talk to any executive or classically trained chef and they will tell you that the Berkshire pork is prized for the juiciest, most flavorful and tender pork you can buy. It’s because of it is heavily marbled and high fat density allows for long cook time and high temps without drying.

You can buy Prairie Creek Farms Berkshire pork online or at the Farmers Market. Follow us on Facebook.


Oct 20th, 2017