Grass-fed Beef

Prairie Creek Farms 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Oklahoma Beef. We practice rotational-grazing to keep all of our animals on fresh pasture and spread the nitrogen load throughout the whole farm. This allows the grass to reach its full potential while never being over-grazed.

Grass Fed Ground Beef

Average 1 lb / pkg

Beef Tongue

Approx 1.5- 2lbs each

Beef suet / tallow

beef tallow in 1lb packs, ground


A full figure meal deal

Save $52.00


Don’t know how to restock your freezer? We’ll help…

Save $88.00

Bone-in Ribeye

$26.95/lb Average 1lb / pkg


Grass Fed Ground Beef, Liver, and Heart

Beef Filet (Tenderloin)

Average 8oz per package

Beef Livers

Average 1lb / pkg

Save $45.01


Avg 3.5lb package

Hot Grill Summer

A collection of our Chicken/beef/pork/eggs

Save $23.00

Kansas City Strip Steak

Average 0.6 lb / pkg

Rump Roast

Average 3 lbs / pkg

Beef Short Ribs

Average 3 lbs / pkg

Sirloin Steak

Average 1.5 lb / pkg

Kabob Meat

Average 1 lb / pkg

Beef Soup Bones

$6.89/lb Average 2-3lb package

Flat Iron Steaks

Average 1 lb package

Chuck Roast

Average 4 lbs / pkg

Beef Hearts

Average 2lbs packages

Flank Steak

Average .6 lb / pkg

Beef Summer Sausage

Average 3.5lb / pkg

Stew Meat

Average 1 lb / pkg

Save $2.00

Skirt Steak

Average 2lb / pkg