Deposit: Grass Fed, Grass Finished Whole Beef

Deposit: Grass Fed, Grass Finished Whole Beef

1 Whole Beef, approx. 400 lbs packaged weight, $11.85/lb. Deposit $2200

When you order a whole or half beef, someone from the Cattle Club team will reach out to you within 5 business days to coordinate cut instructions and answer any questions you may have. Please review all of the information below.


An initial deposit is required to reserve your half, or whole beef. We cover the processing cost for a standard cut sheet! If you opt for a custom cut sheet, there will be an additional fee of $95. If you choose to do a custom cut sheet, our team will email you cut instructions to fill out. If you do not return your cut instructions via email (, Prairie Creek "standard cut sheet" instructions will be applied to your beef. The rest of the cost for your beef will be determined by packaged weight, NOT hanging weight! That means you are paying for exactly the amount of meat you are getting! Packaged weight cost for a half beef is $12.45/lb. Packaged weight cost for a whole beef is $11.85/lb.  Once you have placed your deposit, you will be contacted directly by our team to arrange preferred cut instructions. Deposits are non-refundable.

Prairie Creek Standard Cuts:

Bone-in Ribeyes 1.25" thick.

NY Strip 1.25" thick.

Sirloin 1.25" thick.

Tenderloin/Filet 8oz portions

Briskets whole

Short Ribs in 3-bone sections

Chuck roasts, rump roasts, and tri tips in 3-5lb packages.

Skirt steaks, flank steaks, and flat iron steaks in 1lb packages.

Beef soup bones 2lb packages

Stew Meat and Kabob Meat, 1lb packages

Beef Livers, Hearts, Oxtails, Tongue, and Kidneys whole, packed individually

Remainder to Ground Beef, 1lb Packages

Excess fat packaged in 2lb packages (if available)After your initial deposit, the rest of the cost of your beef will be applied to the same card you used to make your deposit on HARVEST DAY, when you come pick up your beef from the farm and all your boxes are weighed. Example: Whole Beef deposit $2200. Final weight of beef packaged: 381lb x$11.85lb =$4514.85  Final bill on HARVEST DAY: $2314.85


May 11, 2024. 7pm. We will be hosting our on-farm multi-coursed dinner with one of our outstanding local chefs,  Colin Sato of Et.Al. All Cattle Club members are invited to dinner (2 tickets per Cattle Club Member). After dinner, we will load up your beef for you for you to take home to your freezer. Not able to attend? No problem, we will deliver your beef to your home (no charge) within 100 miles of the farm the following week. 


All members will receive our "Welcome Package" complete with branded merchandise, coupons to area restaurants, and a few items from our local farm friends. First access to all Prairie Creek sales and discounts, before they hit the rest of our audience. First access to on-farm dinners and events to be held over the coming 12 months.


We've already done the work for you by securing the appropriate sized freezer based on your purchase. All you need to do is contact Paulo Valezquez (918) 622-6262 at to get your freezer purchased! Be sure to tell them you're a part of the Prairie Creek Cattle Club.