Bundles & Specials

Prairie Creek Farms Bundles & Specials. Here you will find sample packages and great savings, along with new or special items!

Daddy Likey

You're not a regular Dad, you're a cool Dad

Indecision in a Box

We put on a blindfold and picked things out of the freezer for you
Sale $16.95 savings
$185.95 $169.00

Rancher's Brunch

Everything you need to cook a rancher's breakfast at home. Several times. For lots of Ranchers.
Sale $16.00 savings
$105.00 $89.00

Perfect Pastured Pig Pack

"If I were to break down half a pig for my own freezer, this is exactly how I would do it." - Nate
Sale $75.00 savings
$550.00 $475.00