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This is where you can find anything available from our farm and from some of our favorite Oklahoma farmers and artisans.

Eggs, Case of 15 Dozen

Case of 15 Dozen
Bulk Discount $20.00 savings
$90.00 $70.00
ON SALE! $1.00 savings
$35.00 $30.00

Indecision in a Box

We put on a blindfold and picked things out of the freezer for you
Sale $16.95 savings
$185.95 $169.00

Perfect Pastured Pig Pack

"If I were to break down half a pig for my own freezer, this is exactly how I would do it." - Nate
Sale $75.00 savings
$550.00 $475.00

Rancher's Brunch

Everything you need to cook a rancher's breakfast at home. Several times. For lots of Ranchers.
Sale $16.00 savings
$105.00 $89.00

Ribs (Pork)

Average 2.25 lb / pkg
ON SALE! $1.50 savings
$13.50 $10.13