Bundles & Specials

Breast Deal Ever

20lbs Boneless Chicken Breasts
Sale $41.00 savings
$280.00 $239.00

The Chicken Box

It's a box. Of really really ridiculously good chicken.
Hot Deal!!! $26.00 savings
$175.00 $149.00

40 for the Homies

40lbs of the best meat to help you make friends
Hot Deal!!! $51.00 savings
$400.00 $349.00

Rancher's Brunch 2.0

Our best-selling value pack amped up for the Holidays
Hot Deal!!! $10.00 savings
$93.00 $83.00

Perfect Pastured Pig Pack

"If I were to break down half a pig for my own freezer, this is exactly how I would do it." - Nate
Sale $75.00 savings
$550.00 $475.00

Pasture Raised Whole Turkey

$95 flat rate. Average turkey is 18-20 lbs.