Pastured Pork

Prairie Creek Farms raises heritage breed pigs praised for richness, fat marbling, texture, and juiciness of the meat. NEVER give any shots, chemicals wormers, antibiotics, steroids or anything else made in a lab.

Boston Butt (Pork Shoulder)

Average 5 lb/pkg
$1.99/lb savings
$39.75 $29.80

Mother’s Day Breakfast Box

A special breakfast for your special person
$10.05 savings
$60.00 $49.95

Perfect Pastured Pig Pack

"If I were to break down half a pig for my own freezer, this is exactly how I would do it." - Nate
$85.00 savings
$610.00 $525.00

Rancher's Brunch

Everything you need to cook a rancher's breakfast at home. Several times. For lots of Ranchers.
$18.00 savings
$117.00 $99.00

Hot Grill Summer

A collection of our Chicken/beef/pork/eggs
$23.00 savings
$138.00 $115.00

Hot BIG grill summer

Stock up & save on our faves!
$56.00 savings
$305.00 $249.00

Whole Bone-in Pork Loin

Average 10 lbs / pkg
$1.11/lb savings
$90.00 $78.90