Pastured Poultry

Prairie Creek Farms pasture-raised chickens and turkeys are fed non-GMO, corn-free, and soy-free feed, milled right here on the farm, and NEVER given any shots, chemical wormers, antibiotics, steroids, or anything else made in a lab.

The Liver King

We heard it’s a thing…
$25.00 savings
$60.00 $35.00

Hot Grill Summer

A collection of our Chicken/beef/pork/eggs
$23.00 savings
$138.00 $115.00

You're Killin' Me Smalls

Box of 10 small whole chickens
$45.00 savings
$160.00 $115.00

Pet food - 10 lbs

10 -1lb packages
$10.24 savings
$39.99 $29.75

Hot BIG grill summer

Stock up & save on our faves!
$56.00 savings
$305.00 $249.00